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At Team Smart, we provide PROFESSIONAL level video production for all your video marketing needs. From Concept to Completion and straight to your consumers. Whether you have a marketing team or not, we can work with you to find the best video marketing solution. We learn about what you want to get out of video and help you achieve those goals with our experienced and professional production team. We can help fit your budget, big or small! Now is the time to get into video marketing.

From Concept…

…to Completion.


We’ll set up a meeting to learn about your product or service, the target audience and overall tone of your marketing. Then we’ll build a concept and present your script and storyboard


Our staff coordinates the entire video shoot and captures the HD or UHD video. During post-production, we’ll use the footage to bring your product to life. After review and final edit, your project is optimized and individual files are produced for multi-channel distribution.


We help you distribute your video through multiple marketing channels and utilize a host of in-house marketing support services to help you get the most traction with your target audience.


Don’t trust amateurs to produce your videos, quality counts especially when it comes to your brand.

  • The percentage of reported positive results to ROI by B2B organizations using video. 73%
  • The percentage of users that say seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. 90%
  • The percentage of mobile video consumers that share videos with others. 92%

Is this not enough proof to be using video? Call us up and our friendly team will convince you! Resist average sales with video!