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Our E-Learning Solutions

Can Help you save Time, Money

& Get you Better Results.

Team Smart’s customizable E-Learning solution provides a comprehensive training (auditory, visual, interactive) to accommodate different learning styles and achieve the best retention rates.

Types of Training
  • Staff Training 
  • Employee On-boarding
  • Customer Training
  • Partner Training
  • Compliance Training 
Areas of Reduced Cost vs. Classroom Training
  • Travel & Meals
  • Printing & Curriculum Revisions
  • Materials
  • Venues
  • Human Resources

E-Learning is Cost Effective

Studies have shown that incorporating E-Learning has increased productivity and delivered a great return on investment. E-Learning has become the most cost-effective way to train staff, partners and customers.

Training Anytime, Anywhere

Our training can be delivered anytime from almost any digital device 

Track User Progress

We can Incorporate assessments into your E-Learning course. This is a good way to track user progress and help standardize processes. All assessment results are managed by a Learning Management System (LMS) that is integrated with the E-Learning course.